At School            Parent Notification System

Assuming the busy world, Parents always have been at the worrying edge concerning about their kids en-route to school. 

Moreover, the school holds the responsibility for safe transport of students to and from their locations.

The use of RFID helps not only the parents but also the School and brings assured arrival of the precises.

The Solution
Our unique application is that while the student enters the school a SMS will be sent to their Parents Mobile No., as same they will receive a SMS about the student departure from School on leaving the premises.

ID Card Based
The students ID cards will be replaced as RFID based ID cards. Depends upon the School’s suggestion no. of RFID readers will be installed in the entry/exit points. While enter, the student has to just show (not swipe) the card to the Reader Machine. Student Name will be displayed on the LCD screen of the machine.  It takes just one second to read a card.

Fingerprint Based
All the students/Staffs fingerprint impression will be recorded by a Biometric Machine. While enter/exit, pupil has to swipe their finger on the Biometric readers, the name will be displayed and the data has been collected and will be dispatched via SMS server. It takes just 2 to 3 seconds to read the recorded impression of the fingerprint.

Backend all the readers will be connected via LAN and the data will upload to a computer. Now the SMS server dispatches all the data to corresponding mobile nos.

 On Road

Consider one of our school bus which stops at 5 places to collect and dispatch students.
Once the bus reaches the First STOP, the parents residing at the SECOND STOP will receiving a SMS saying " The School Bus NO 1 has reached the STOP 1, be ready at stop to receive your kid" – DEMO SCHOOL  and so on it will continuous till last stop.
 Advantages :

  1. Detailed report of arrival time for each BUS, each STOP.
  2. OVER SPEED Intimation of every BUS.
  3. One way listening (You can hear what people talking on bus?)
  4. Remote Engine Stop & Resume, Door Alarm (Optional)
  5. Help the parents to be there on the BUS STOP on-time.
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